Support for Your Eyes Wide Open Legal, Insurance, Financial and Tax Choices

Eyes Wide Open Collective is a legal and financial education company that exists to get heart-centered humans in right alignment
with their time, money and relationships.

We believe that heart-centered humans making eyes wide open decisions around the use of their resources can
shift the trajectory of our ability to thrive on Earth.

Our Brands


Personal Family Lawyer

Your lifetime partner in wise legal and financial decisions. Not your typical lawyer, our Personal Family Lawyer firms (PFLs) build lifelong relationships with you and your family to provide relational, heart-centered legal counsel you can trust.

Your Personal Family Lawyer is your trusted advisor for life, legacy, and love.


New Law Business Model

For over a decade, New Law Business Model (NLBM) has been at the forefront of transforming the legal profession. NLBM provides lawyers with a groundbreaking, heart-centered, and community-focused business model for serving clients with life, legacy and love. With NLBM, lawyers can embrace technology while preserving their humanity, ensuring they remain indispensable in an AI-driven world.


LIFTed Advisors

You may have a sense you don’t have the right support on board to guide you to make wise decisions about the use of your resources, but you also don’t really know how to get the right support. So you settle for what you can get, and hope it will all work out.

LIFTed Advisors offer the "family office" level support you've wished you could afford ... so you can be your own best advisor with the support you really need.


Whole Truth Media

Entertainment entrains and educates us, and it's time for media to reflect a new kind of reality.

Through Whole Truth Media we'll create new possibilities for human relating. 


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