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“An endless well of resources becomes available when we heal our money dysmorphia, understand our creative power, our unique inheritance, and
our individual purpose.

- Ali Katz

Ali's Story


"Who am I if I don’t make my decisions through the lens of money?"

Asking this question, and more importantly, discovering the answer to it, changed the course of my life. I came to understand the roots of scarcity, where it drives us collectively, and how to heal from it through the lens of inheritance and purpose.

Prior to  then, and as a 38-year old single mom of two, I had achieved significant “success”: a million-dollar law practice, a thriving business coaching fellow lawyers, a home 3 houses from the sand in Hermosa Beach, a best-selling author and regular appearances on television as a family financial and legal expert.

Beneath the surface, though, I hated who and what I had become. Now, I can see why: I was making all of my choices through a distorted view of money that I had inherited.

Our indigenous relatives speak of this distortion as wetiko. 

Critical, demanding boss, distant friend, distracted and disconnected parent, my life was full of conflict that I now understand was the external representation of my internal reality. Despite my material abundance, I grappled with a perpetual sense of not enough.

"It is no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society."
~Jiddu Krishnamurti

I thought “not enough” was financial, so I made every life choice through the lens of money … thinking if I only had more money, then my problems would be solved. My thoughts sounded something like:

  • If I go to this event, will it bring me more money?
  • If I spend time with this person, will I have more money?
  • If I create this offer or program, will it result in more money?
  • If I post this on Twitter, will I make more money? (That was back in the day when Twitter was the only real social media, and I had quite a big following there)

The crazy part, though, was I didn’t think money drove my life. I believed I was motivated by purpose, and mission, and vision, and care. And, that was also true.

Wetiko, or "Money Dysmorphia": the distorted view many of us have around our financial reality that causes us to compromise our non-renewable resources, including time, energy, attention and even relationships in service to money, which is in fact infinitely renewable.

My discovery around money dysmorphia and the way it was impacting me (and most of us, frankly), occurred during a transformative journey in which I walked away from all of the “success” I had created in Los Angeles, and moved to a farm in Colorado, to live for a year with the question -- who am I, if money isn’t a motivating force in my life? 



What do I choose to do with my time, energy and attention, if I spend a year only doing what I would do for free? 

Over that year, everything was laid on the altar of discovery, including my ego, my success, my pride, and even my name. I walked away from all of it. I supported my children on the bare minimum the bankruptcy rules would allow me to earn, so that at the end of the year, I could file bankruptcy and get a fresh start.

Would I still be a lawyer?
Would I still serve lawyers?
Would I even have the same name?

Turns out, the answer to those questions were yes, yes, and no. 

The journey to get here has been an epic tale of discovering that our traditional legal and financial systems are conditioning us with a perpetual belief in scarcity and survival that causes us to compromise the truth of who we really are.

Today, my life and work is dedicated to sharing my discoveries and creating new legal and financial models to right align our collective incentives so we can collectively live into a more beautiful world.

Don't fight the existing system, create a new model
- Buckminster Fuller

Fast forward to today, I lead an 8-figure portfolio of companies, each of which is focused on transforming the lives, hearts, and minds of our clients, heart-centered trusted advisors who have been longing for a new service model that allows them to use their minds in service to their hearts, and serve their clients in a truly meaningful way. 

I no longer hate myself or struggle with internal conflict. I understand the inheritance I received, and have healed the scarcity and survival patterns that drove me for most of my life,  causing me to make poor choices. I trust life, and myself. And, in so many ways, my story is still being written. If you want to know more, you can follow along with my journey through some of my writings here.

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Ali's Courses

We Create The Economy

Free video training to guide you into your role as a creator of the economy.


When you know what enough is, you can stop chasing more and start letting it come to you. Start here.

LIFT Foundations

Legal, Ins, Financial & Tax wisdom to get you smart, confident and wise about your business.


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In further service to my life’s mission I invest in a range of companies committed to personal and financial liberation.


Liber8 is a Human Transformation Company that uses a data-driven and heart-centered approach to accelerate breakthroughs in human health.



Lionheart Ventures is a global seed-stage venture capital firm dedicated to investing in visionary companies that amplify humanity's resilience. 


Independent National Union

Individuals, organizations and political networks are the majority in the United States, and we work together to determine the future.


Bequest Finance

You have more digital assets than you think. Protect and pass them on with Bequest.




Bitgreen is an impact development company that uses blockchain, AI and other tools to develop leading products that mobilize billions of dollars for sustainability markets.


Alegria Village

Alegría Village is a new ecological neighborhood in the hills of San Mateo, Alajuela, Costa Rica, dedicated to best practices in regenerative living and design.

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